What if I buy a ticket and the event is cancelled?

In the case of your event being cancelled you will be refunded the full ticket amount

I’ve booked tickets elsewhere; can I confirm they are genuine?

Unfortunately not, we can only discuss bookings that have been booked via UK Ticket Office

Can I use your logo and link on my own website?

If you are promoting your own event then yes, if not then you will need to email support@ukticketoffice.co.uk and explain your intentions

How do I contact customer services?

You may either email support@ukticketoffice.com or call 0845 299 3914

I want UK Ticket Office to sell tickets for my event, how do I get started?

Simply click on ‘List your event’ and fill in the form giving as much information as you can.

From there we will contact you for more information, paperwork for your event, etc.

I forgot my username or password

Simply click on ‘login’ and ‘forgot password’ or ‘forgot login’ and follow the simple steps

Why am I getting charged a handling fee?

This is simply so we can post your ticket out to you, all hand done. If your ticket is paperless then there is a lot more that happens behind the scene with us and the venue where systems have been put in place to make sure your e-ticket works, and you enjoy your event.

When will I receive my ticket?

Tickets are usually posted nearer to the event, this reduces the chance of anyone buying tickets in bulk and reselling them to bump up the price of the tickets.